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Welcome to DAN’S:

Happiest Workout

At DAN’S we live for how dance can make you feel. We know that dance makes you happier - and we have the evidence to prove it.

75% of our reviews – from hundreds of DAN’Sers - say our dance-based fitness classes to Latin beats boost your mood as well as giving you a non-stop body + brain workout. It is the way fitness should make you feel: empowered, confident and uplifted.

DAN’S will change how you see - and feel - about fitness forever. So, whether you’ve danced for years or never before – join the DAN’S movement now.


Becoming London’s Happiest Workout didn’t happen overnight.
Our founder Daniel moved to London from Ecuador, and immediately felt the isolation and loneliness that many feel in our great city. As a proud Latin American, Daniel knew that dance had the transformative power to boost your mood and that fitness should ultimately feel good, so he created DAN’S - to bring people together and lift them up. He brought together leading dance-fitness instructors from across the world to design a cutting-edge dance syllabus to give DAN’Sers a full-body workout and boost their mood through dance. A team of athletes, professional dancers and personal trainers were assembled from Latin America to collaborate with our London team – exchanging knowledge, collaborating on cutting-edge practice and combining skills over two years - to create the world-renowned classes we offer today.



I am not a dancer - I was just one of the millions of people in London working a regular job and struggling to find that inner joy. I’ve always been an active person – I played tennis at a national level when I was younger, but I always felt a lot of activities focused solely on the physical benefits of fitness.

I grew up in Ecuador and I’m a proud Latin American – I love our culture, our outlook and our insatiable spirit for life! When I moved to London, like many people I struggled to find belonging and connections in this great city. I took my first dance class in 2016 - and while I quickly fell in love with how it made me feel, I realised most dance classes didn’t come close to capturing the total body + brain boost you should feel from a dance-fitness workout. That’s when I knew I needed to launch DAN’S - to bring dance and the Latin spirit to everyone in London! I wanted to create an inclusive, empowering and unforgettable space that connects people and makes them feel alive. With my amazing global team, we’ve created a unique dance-fitness syllabus guaranteed to boost your mood and body.

So come and try London’s Happiest Workout and join the DAN’S movement!

Our Ethos

Dance Is

Dance releases active endorphins that stimulate your body, boost your brain function and elevate your mood. Its transformative power has been recognised by anthropologists, physicians and psychologists throughout history. Dance can change your mindset, and that can change your life.

Dance is
for everybody

A symbol for revolution, change and freedom – dance has always been an extension of human expression. Dance does not fit in a box. It does not care what you look like, how long you’ve danced for or how good you think you are. It only cares about your attitude.

Dance is
for life

Dance is not temporary. The feeling from dance is one you’ll carry within you forever. You won’t want to stop, but if you have to - dance will wait for you. It’s with you for life. Dance makes you happier. Join the movement.