I am not a dancer - I was just one of the millions of people in London working a regular job and struggling to find that inner joy. I’ve always been an active person – I played tennis at a national level when I was younger, but I always felt a lot of activities focused solely on the physical benefits of fitness.

I grew up in Ecuador and I’m a proud Latin American – I love our culture, our outlook and our insatiable spirit for life! When I moved to London, like many people I struggled to find belonging and connections in this great city. I took my first dance class in 2016 - and while I quickly fell in love with how it made me feel, I realised most dance classes didn’t come close to capturing the total body + brain boost you should feel from a dance-fitness workout. That’s when I knew I needed to launch DAN’S - to bring dance and the Latin spirit to everyone in London! I wanted to create an inclusive, empowering and unforgettable space that connects people and makes them feel alive. With my amazing global team, we’ve created a unique dance-fitness syllabus guaranteed to boost your mood and body.

So come and try London’s Happiest Workout and join the DAN’S movement!